Judaism and Social Justice in 21st Century Israel

A Summer Seminar at the Secular Yeshiva in Tel-Aviv for Rabbis, Rabbinical Students, Educators, Community Leaders and Social Activists

Study Talmud, learn Hebrew, volunteer and get to know Israeli society; Learn up-close about the most critical issues of social justice in Israel today through hands-on experience, encounters with Israelis and tours throughout the country.

Participants in this 4-week seminar will explore the relationship between social justice activism in contemporary Israel and the values articulated on these issues in generations of Jewish text.

Application process:
For further information and applications, please contact:
Noga Brenner Samia nogabina@012.net.il or telephone: 972-52-275-1577
Deadline for applications is April 13, 2010 (applications may be submitted by e-mail).

about: BINA Center for Jewish Identity and Hebrew Culture (affiliated with the United Kibbutz Movement) combines Jewish studies and social action, in keeping with our sages who believed in Torah, Avodah and Gemilut Hasadim. BINA’s two main projects are BINA in the Neighborhood with over 100 young adult volunteers committed to creating social change in communities-in-need, and the Secular Yeshiva where over 150 students study and explore their Jewish Identity. At the Secular Yeshiva, young adults study Jewish texts and culture intensively – for 15 hours a day – from sources ranging from the Bible and Gemara to classic Israeli literature and Zionist history. Situated in poverty-stricken south Tel Aviv, the Secular Yeshiva aspires to make study and Tikun Olam central elements of Jewish life today. BINA is one of Israel’s leading pluralistic organizations contributing significantly to the creation of indigenous, liberal approaches to being Jewish in Israel.