Jewish Philanthropy in Israel

[During May 2008, eJewish Philanthropy published a series of blog posts titled, Philanthropy in Israel. They were authored by Gidi Grinstein, the Founder and President, of the Reut Institute. With this month’s Jewish Funders Network conference taking place in Israel, we thought it would be timely to rerun the series.]

Diaspora and Jewish Philanthropy in Israel: Overhaul or Be Marginalized


Jewish Philanthropy in Israel: Overhaul or be Marginalized

An introductory piece that summarizes the key points of the series.


  • Post 1: An Introduction by a Grantee – This is the short version of what has brought me to write this series and an introduction to the logic of its structure.
  • Post 2: Why Should We Care? – This post answers the question: why is this issue important to Israelis and to Jews.

The Challenges:

The Response:

Philanthropic Leadership:

  • Post 15: On Philanthropic Leadership – Not every act of philanthropy amounts to leadership. Sometimes, it is the opposite. This post discusses the concept of philanthropic leadership.

This series was originally published in Hebrew during March, 2008; Translation provided by Reut Institute.