Jewish Helping Hands Announces Israel Only Grant Opportunities

Purpose of Grants

Jewish Helping Hands is now launching a new ISRAEL ONLY Tikkun Olam Grant to advance our goal of inspiring and supporting    tzedakah, justice and righteousness in Israel. Our goal is to help vulnerable populations through a variety of programs focused on economic development and social empowerment, with a particular focus on those demographics that have been overlooked and/or marginalized. In cooperation with local communities, JHH will support programs that are sustainable and scalable through financial and hands-on partnerships.

Criteria for Israel Only Grants

JHH values programs and projects that aim to bring about positive change for groups of all backgrounds and religious affiliations and  will consider making grants to individuals or organizations that show clear promise to achieve one or both of the following:

  • Respond to unmet needs of those who are poor and/or marginalized
  • Promote self-help and empowerment within communities

JHH does NOT make grants to capital, building, or political campaigns, fellowships, or programs administered by for-profit entities. 

Who Should Apply for an ISRAEL ONLY Tikkun Olam Grant

JHH encourages applications from social entrepreneurs with a vision, an idea and/or a project to improve daily lives of vulnerable Israelis.

Potential partners are those who look to take on what may appear to be intractable problems, to address the needs of overlooked or ignored populations, and to use their creativity and personal commitment to find solutions where others may be convinced there are none. We seek partners who will continue to persevere and continue to help people in need.

At JHH, we look to support those who will create partnerships with other organizations and local populations to enlarge the circle of involvement and inclusiveness. JHH especially seeks to partner with grassroots organizations who utilize resources local to their communities especially when those projects support the safety, economic well-being and health of the community members.

Preference will be given to proposals with smaller budgets and projects that would otherwise not be possible without our assistance. JHH will NOT welcome applications from paid professional fund-raisers.

Grants will be made up to $5000 with possible renewal.

Application Process:

Complete On-line Grant Inquiry Form

Questions? Email:

Applications must be received by November 4th. JHH will be in the Haifa area the week of November 18th to interview potential grantees. Where feasible, this will be followed by site visits.