Jewish Heart for Africa

what if you could provide a glass of water. help the future learn. light a clinic. what if you could catch the sun. and light a continent. you can.

from The Jerusalem Post:

‘Jewish Heart for Africa’

Imagine a day essentially ending at sundown because there is no electricity for lights. Imagine being a doctor and treating urgent patients by candlelight. Imagine being a woman or child and spending six hours a day hauling water and searching for firewood.

Thus is the pattern of life in much of rural Africa today. Figuring out how to help them was a question that obsessed Sivan Achor-Borowich until she put together her experiences and her research and the light bulb suddenly went on above her head, both literally and figuratively.

The answer: Solar power to produce electricity for schools and clinics and to run water pumps.

Borowich, 30, founded Jewish Heart for Africa about 10 months ago and today she has projects running in Uganda, Ethiopia and Tanzania.

image: Sivan Achor-Borowich at the kindergarten in Uganda where her organization has donated solar power to a poultry farm and community center.

Jewish Heart for Africa : Bringing Israeli solar technologies to African rural villages