Jewish Funders Network Releases Greenbook: “Funding Environmental Stewardship in Israel”

Light and Shadow, photo by Moran Ore, Na'amat Technological High School, Hadera via the PikiWiki – Israel free image collection project.
Light and Shadow, photo by Moran Ore, Na’amat Technological High School, Hadera, via PikiWiki – Israel free image collection project.

The Jewish Funders Network and an anonymous foundation has released a Greenbook on Funding Environmental Stewardship in Israel – the third installment in a series of guides intended to help funders optimize the impact of their giving.

Where images of Israel as the land of milk and honey in a place where the desert is made to bloom endure, another reality exists. The country’s rapid development has created enormous pressures on natural resources, produced health problems that threaten thousands of lives every year, and has given rise to economic enterprise that adversely affect human and environmental health. In response to these challenges, a vibrant, yet fragile, social movement now works to protect the environment and to create a more sustainable Israel for all its inhabitants.

Funding environmental stewardship in Israel is not just critical in its own right, but also affords an ideal way to systemically address problems that transcend religious identities, social divisions, and partisan affiliations. Drawing from the experience of environmental activists, researchers, funders, government officials, and lawmakers, the guide outlines the scope of environmental challenges in Israel and introduces the many types of initiatives that are changing the way Israeli citizens and officials relate to the environment.

Each of JFN’s Greenbooks are designed to enable funders to have better informed, and more directed, conversations, and to more quickly assess – and tackle – the issues that matter most to them and the broader Jewish community. Greenbooks are coupled with JFN Greenbook Salons, a series of funder-discussion groups focused on issues raised in each book. The guides also include instructions and discussion questions that funders can use to facilitate independent discussions.

Last year, JFN released the first two editions in the series. The first, “Jewish Day School Financial Sustainability and Affordability,” aims to fuel and inform the increasingly urgent conversation surrounding day school sustainability and affordability with an eye towards finding pragmatic solutions. The second, “Hitchadshut Yehudit: Jewish Renewal in Israel,” focuses on the growing movement to strengthen Jewish identity among secular Jews in Israel.

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