JEIC Starts Second Challenge to Improve Jewish Education

The Mayberg Family Charitable Foundation announced today the second year of the Jewish Education Innovation Challenge (JEIC), a grant initiative designed to stimulate and reward innovation in Jewish middle and high school education in North America.

The JEIC supplies the opportunity for schools to partner using a grant for $50,000 to implement a paradigm shifting program. This stems from JEIC’s mission to create a new archetype of Jewish education to supplant the present ineffective models. The grant program is structured tiers to challenge educators to design creative pilot projects that can be implemented in their own schools and replicated by others. Each tier increases cash awards to proposals that pass through culminating in the top grant of $50,000. Up to six schools can earn that grant to partner with JEIC. For detailed information about the JEIC and how to secure funding, visit

The Jewish Education Innovation Challenge is a program of the Mayberg Family Charitable Foundation, with the charitable purpose of encouraging and incentivizing the next wave of social and educational progress in Jewish high schools and middle schools.