JDC Announces Key Regional Directors Transition

The JDC, known here in Israel as “The Joint”, has announced the retirement of three senior executives and simultaneously named their successors, all long time professionals at the organization:

1. Arnon Mantver, Director of JDC-Israel, will complete 19 years of service with the organization and retire effective May 1, 2014.

The next Director of JDC-Israel will be Prof. Yossi Tamir, who, along with Arnon, is a known professional figure in Israeli public life and has held a multitude of field leadership roles during his 17-year career with the organization.

Additionally, Dr. Sigal Shelach, a seven-year veteran of JDC, will serve as Senior Deputy Director working closely with Yossi in shaping strategy and overseeing operations in Israel.

2. Judy Amit, Regional Director for Africa and Asia & Global Director of JDC’s International Development Program, will also retire effective May 1, 2014. She has served for two decades in various senior professional leadership roles at JDC.

Mandie Winston, a 12+ year JDC employee in a multitude of global positions, will succeed Judy in this dual field leadership role.

3. Alberto Senderey will be retiring as Director for Europe after 27 years of leadership across the world, during which he has served in dozens of countries where JDC works. Alberto, too, will retire as of May 1, 2014.

The next Director for Europe will be Diego Ornique, who has served with JDC for the past 10 years in field leadership roles in Europe.