It’s The Networks….

There have been many instances over the years where innovation has risen from the non-profit community. More often than not, though, we discover new ideas and then adapt from either the private or more recently political sectors.

Beginning with the 2004 Democratic primary contests, the Internet as a fund-raising vehicle became front page news. It certainly appears this is still so with the Obama campaign.

From today’s New York Times, some insightful comments by Roger Cohen. The value is not just for the political junkies out there, but for all of us who utilize the web to deliver our message.

“More than any other factor, it has been Barack Obama’s grasp of the central place of Internet-driven social networking that has propelled his campaign for the Democratic nomination into a seemingly unassailable lead over Hillary Clinton. Her campaign has been so 20th-century. His has been of the century we’re in…

Obama has been a classic Internet-start up, a movement spreading with viral intensity and propelled by some of Silicon Valley’s most creative minds. As with any online phenomenon, he has jumped national borders, stirring as much buzz in Berlin as he does back home.”

Read the complete Op-Ed piece here.