Is It Time for a Global Jewish Sanhedrin?

A groundbreaking paper presented at the Herzliya Conference will propose that Jews living outside Israel will have the opportunity to be involved and have influence on Israeli foreign policy and legislative initiatives. The aim of the 21st version of the biblical Jewish judicial assembly would not be to correct the Israeli political system, but to create a new dialogue between Israel and the Diaspora. The modern version will be designed to act as a ‘consultative body’ to ‘Israeli decision makers, the Prime Minister, President and the Knesset.

The research and recommendations described in the document ‘Global Jewish Sanhedrin? Toward a New Political Dialogue and Relationship between Israel and the Jewish Diasporaargues that this outlet will be an important opinion tool for the Jewish Diaspora. Up until now, the opinions of Jews living outside Israel have had inconstant influence over political decisions concerning Israel.

Important security issues such as the Israel-Palestinian conflict is a subject that is at the forefront of Jewish public opinion, both at home (Israel) and abroad. Younger Jews are not afraid to criticize Israel and feel that it is ‘important for their Jewish identity’. The Sanhedrin can enhance ‘their Jewish affiliation by giving those concerns a real platform,’ acting as a public opinion tool, and representing the diversity of opinions that exist in Israeli society and the Diaspora too.