Interior Ministry Reps Will Return to Ethiopia

from The Jerusalem Post:

Yishai: Falash Mura aliya to be resolved within a year

Interior Minister Eli Yishai pledged Monday to bring the aliya of the Falash Mura to its final phase within a year, and said that after Pessah ministry representatives would head to Ethiopia to check the eligibility of some 8700 descendants of Ethiopian Jews waiting to immigrate.

… Even with the upbeat news, many of those at Monday’s meeting, including members of the Ethiopian community who still have relatives living in Gondar, voiced cynicism at Yishai’s promises.

… [Chairman of the State Comptroller’s Committee MK Yoel] Hasson was also positive about the assurances made by Yishai, but warned that he also expected to see clear progress within the next two months.

“If this is not solved within that time I will be forced to consider a parliamentary enquiry into this issue,” he said, pointing out several hurdles that could be considered by some as racist.

“I do not want to hear that this aliya is contingent on budget issues,” warned Hasson. “I have never heard of there being a financial condition placed on bringing Jews to Israel. The government needs to bring them if they are eligible and that’s it.”