In the Beginning

Shelby Zitelman, Co-Director of PresenTense Group, writing in Blogging Innovation:

There is a deep and profound mystery in creation and innovation. Taking a concept, a vision, an inspiration, and turning that unrelenting drive into something that can be touched, experienced or felt is a captivating phenomenon.

… It takes a tremendous amount of conviction and an openness to risk to start something.  In the same way that a songwriter puts his/her heart on a piece of paper, a founder puts his/her heart on the bottom line because of the belief that their vision will make a difference.  (Whether that difference is financial or societal, well, that is another question…)

Creators, Creatives, Innovators and Entrepreneurs are inspired and inspiring. Through their triumphs (and failures) they challenge all of us to think, “What would I do?”  “How could I do that better?” or “What a genius idea!  Why didn’t I think of that?”

The Jewish people are blessed with a rich history of creators from which we can draw constant inspiration – biblically, historically, religiously, philosophically, technologically, legally etc…  It appears that we have a knack for creation and are able to harness that creative energy to bring goodness into the world.

Shelby’s complete piece, In the Beginning, can be found here.