In Response to Rapidly-Changing Environment, Leading Edge Releases Pulse Survey

By Leading Edge

For many organizations, working in a rapidly-changing environment and facing unprecedented medical, fiscal, and logistical challenges, it’s more important than ever to get a sense of how employees are doing.

To meet that need, Leading Edge has released a new Pulse Survey to empower nonprofit leaders to get frequent and ongoing feedback from their employees about how they are experiencing work in the current environment. The Pulse Survey is designed to help organizations better understand and improve their employees’ work experience over time, empowering them to do their best work.

Organizations interested in learning more about the Pulse Survey can register for an Info Session on Thursday, May 14 at 2pm ET – HERE.

Since 2016, Leading Edge has been surveying Jewish nonprofit employees about their experience at work in order to enhance leadership, talent, and workplace culture in Jewish nonprofits.Investing in talent – in people, that is – strengthens organizations by improving morale, increasing productivity, reducing turnover, helping to recruit top talent, and maximizing the potential of current employees.

This year, due to the pandemic, one long and detailed survey did not seem appropriate or useful for organizational leadership. Instead, leaders now can benefit from a shorter, simpler, and more frequent way to check in with their employees. That’s why Leading Edge is offering the Pulse Survey – a tool to help organizational leadership open a feedback loop with their teams that is confidential, informative, and action-focused.

Organizations participating in the Pulse Survey will receive a list of recommended questions that can be customized by organizations based on their individual needs. The survey can be easily administered by each organization for itself, more than once, at any appropriate time and cadence, for maximum flexibility and control. Organizations will also be able to opt into a pro bono post-survey 50-minute consultation with Leading Edge to help them understand and act on the survey results.

In order to make the survey user-friendly for organizations, Leading Edge is creating customizable surveys in Google Forms for each organization wishing to use the Pulse Survey, as well as a manual and advice as needed during the process. All of this is being provided to Jewish nonprofits at no cost.

Organizations can access the Pulse Survey at