Israel to Dispatch Medical Delegation to Japan

A preliminary IDF Homefront Command medical delegation, comprising two doctors and a Homefront Command officer, arrived today (Monday 21 March 2011) in the Miyagi prefecture north of Tokyo and have begun their appraisal of requirements that will enable the dispatch of the full-scale medical delegation, which is due to leave Israel shortly. Israel is one of the first countries to dispatch a medical delegation to Japan. To date, only a few international search and rescue teams have provided assistance, but no medical teams have been dispatched.

The Israeli team will be located in the Miyagi prefecture, about six hours north of Tokyo, which was hardest hit by the recent Tsunami. The team will establish a medical clinic geared to handle the casualties and refugees concentrated in the region. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Israeli embassy in Tokyo will facilitate the dispatch of the team, and will also coordinate communications between the Japanese authorities and the IDF Homefront Command.

In coordination with the Japanese authorities and according to requirements of the Japanese National Disaster Center, the MFA and Ministry of Defense will dispatch a consignment consisting of ten thousand coats, six thousand blankets, six thousand pairs of gloves and 150 mobile toilets.

Over the past few days, the MFA has worked with the Japanese authorities to determine a list of the most necessary items. The Japanese authorities noted that Israel will be one of the first countries to provide aid in accordance with their requirements. While other countries sent planeloads of equipment, they did not consult with the Japanese regarding specific requirements. The Japanese also noted Israeli efficiency and flexibility in determining the list of items that would be shipped to Japan.

This post was updated on March 21, 2011, at 4:30 pm IST.