How to Boost your Crowdfunding Efforts with Video

By Josh Gold

If you’ve been following the latest in fundraising trends, you know that crowdfunding is a growing phenomenon among NPOs. It costs less than your annual dinner and has benefits that are seriously worth exploring.

Video is a terrific way to keep the community engaged and spirits high over the course of a crowdfunding campaign. From a more elaborate launch video to updates and cheerleading, I believe the essential qualities are:

  • Shareability – A short length and clever hook make for a teaser that’s easy to consume and exciting to share, spreading word of the campaign as far as possible.
  • Authenticity – Viewers connect with and care about real people with real problems or passion
  • Focused messaging – Every image, narrative beat, and line of dialogue push the underlying message of your campaign, without veering off on tangents about your overall mission or other programming.

If you’re looking for more specific suggestions, we recommend any or all of the following:

Call-to-action montage

This video is structured around a catchphrase or quotable sound bite, repeated (either the same words or a variation) by a series of your staff members and/or supporters.

It reminds your existing, motivated supporters to check out the campaign. Properly inspired, they’re likely to spread the word to their friends and family, too.

Identity Film

This video features interviews with supporters and/or staff, intercut with b-roll, crafted into a narrative that expresses your core mission and objectives.

It energizes your supporters and reignites their interest in the cause. It may also connect with chance, unaffiliated viewers who already have a personal investment in the campaign goal or are persuaded by your dedication.

Lead-generating film

This video focuses not on your organization, but on the issue you have chosen to stand for, defined in terms that can be understood by as broad an audience as possible. Using humor or pathos, it presents this problem succinctly and engagingly and invites viewers to learn how you might offer a solution.

Unlike the others, this film is designed to bring in new supporters outside your existing network. Not every organization has the same broad appeal, but if you never try to bring in a wider audience, you’re leaving a huge opportunity for potential support untouched.

You can adjust the scale of almost any video format to match your particular needs and resources.

Can you picture the video that will light a fire under your community?

Josh Gold, owner of Serio Films, has helped nonprofits raise millions of dollars through video-based marketing. You can follow Josh and his team over at and