Hillel, PresenTense Partner to Create Innovative Social Startup Fellowship Program in U.S.

An innovative partnership between Hillel International and PresenTense will enable students at campuses throughout the U.S. to have the opportunity to participate in the “Hillel International Social Startup Fellowship.” This new six-month, intensive, virtual fellowship will give students access to training, support, mentors and access to a network of hundreds of social entrepreneurs.

Hillel International intends to identify and work with at least 10 student ventures this academic year, giving these students the tools they need to refine their mission and grow their projects through Hillel to transform their campuses and communities for the better. Acceptance into the fellowship program will be determined in part by student members of the Hillel International Board of Directors.

“College students are entering a different world today than ever before with a perspective that empowers them to change the world. The Social Startup Fellowship will arm students with an entrepreneurial toolkit, enable them to draw inspiration from Jewish values and sensibilities, and leverage campus communities to drive national social change,” said PresenTense CEO Naomi Korb Weiss.

“Students who apply for the Fellowship will of course be at different stages of their ventures. We’re prepared to work with students who are at the idea stage as well as those who have already started to see change on their campuses and are ready to scale their idea and take it to the next level.” said Sheila Katz, Hillel International’s vice president for social entrepreneurship.

For more information, and the Fellowship application, please visit www.hillel.org/get-involved/hillel-international-s-social-startup-fellowship; the deadline is November 30th.