Hey, Yiddle Diddle

This past Thursday night, the PresenTense Institute concluded their 2nd summer fellowship program with a presentation to the community on the extraordinary projects they have been hard at work on these past six weeks. eJewish Philanthropy will be profiling many of them for you over the next two weeks.

So today, as we introduce our newest project, Cool People, Cool Stuff ™, I find no better candidate for our first profile than Hey Yiddle Diddle Productions, one of the coolest initiatives from this summer’s PresenTense cohort.

For me, this was an easy choice. For as the summer went by, and without exception, every time I walked into the PrersenTense ‘home’ in Arnona, I was greeted by the cheerful and huge smiling, Chari Pere – the creative mind behind Hey Yiddle Diddle, Old-fashioned Jewish humor as you’ve never seen it before…

In Chari’s words: “In an increasingly cynical world filled with so much schmutz and mean-spirited humor, the good ol’ fashioned comedy of the past is getting lost between generations. These jokes and stories, treasured parts of Jewish cultural heritage, are still very much relevant today, but are in desperate need of a makeover.

Hey Yiddle Diddle Productions creates whimsically funny and captivatingly wholesome products that bridge the growing gap between generations. We incorporate a clean-cut style and attitude into cartoons, illustrations, merchandise, and animations that appeal to all Jewish denominations. We are revitalizing a culture of Jewish or Yiddish humor presently teetering on the brink of extinction.”

Check out Chari’s calendar, a great way to support this up and coming Jewish cartoonist:

The Ultimate Illustrated Calendar of Jewish Humor (Old & New)

This is a must-own for anyone who’s Jewish, Jew-ish, or for anyone who wants to discover the Jew in you. Over 490 Holidays and more than 80 illustrated jokes and gags. Some are borrowed, some are new, but all are visually interpreted with a fresh point of view.

The calendar is available at several New York area Judaica stores, or you can order directly from Chari here.

Hey Yiddle Diddle Productions: It’s out with the old and in with the renewed.”