Hebrew University and Limmud FSU honor Elie Wiesel at Jerusalem Event

Matthew Bronfman, Matthew Bronfman, chairman of Limmud FSU International Steering Committee
Matthew Bronfman speaking at event; photo courtesy

Hebrew University in Jerusalem and Limmud FSU held a special event yesterday in memory of Nobel Prize laureate and renowned Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel in the Mendel Center.

The event also presented to the attendants a special exhibition initiated by Limmud FSU on the life and work of Elie Wiesel. The curator of the exhibition is Dr. Joel Rapper, the founder of the Elie Wiesel Archive at Boston University, who also participated in the official event.

The event was attended by Chairman of Limmud FSU international steering committee Matthew Bronfman, Limmud FSU founder Chaim Chesler, President of the Hebrew University Menachem Ben-Sasson, a former Knesset member and Limmud FSU Rabbi Menachem Hacohen, among others.