GuideStar Israel Releases Salary Information

from Haaretz:

Charity pays, if you work for one

GuideStar Israel, an organization that runs the country’s most complete database on the not-for-profit sector, found that philanthropic organizations pay the best. The highest-paid philanthropy employees earning an average of NIS 20,523 a month. Those in the health field don’t do too badly either; the average highest salary in that field hovers around NIS 18,500. Top employees of international organizations make an average of NIS 16,509. At the bottom end of the scale were religious nonprofits, where the highest-paid employees earned about NIS 7,300 a month.

The average salary of the highest paid employee in all nonprofits comes to NIS 12,593 a month, gross.

… In 2011, donations to 4,280 NPOs were eligible for income tax credits, some 12.4% of the total number of organizations. Of these, over a quarter were involved in religious activities and another quarter in education and research.

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