Greenbook: Arts as a Driver for Social Change in Israel

Why invest in art, and why now? A new Greenbook from Jewish Funders Network says the arts represent a powerful opportunity to foster change in Israeli society.

Photo credit: Season of Culture

JFN has released a new guide to funding the arts in Israel to drive social change. Greenbook, Volume 5 makes the case for the importance of art in Israeli society and its advantages as a strategic tool for social change; maps the existing landscape, discussing the major players and trends currently active in the field; and highlights opportunities for philanthropic action.

“Art inspires everyone with emotions, ideas, and stories,” said Angelica Berrie, President of the Russel Berrie Foundation and co-chair of Jewish Funders Network. “But artistic ventures can also inspire philanthropists with the way they operate, the people they reach, and the people to whom they give a platform who might not have had one before.”

“The arts can be incredibly important to Israeli society,” added Rivka Saker of the Zucker Foundation, chair of Sotheby’s Israel and founder of the arts NGO Artis. “Art can foster tolerance, enrich education, reinforce civil society, develop culture, and achieve change across multiple fields.”

Greenbooks are topical, user-friendly research reports for funders, published by Jewish Funders Network. Each Greenbook volume highlights a challenge facing the Jewish community, maps out the background and current status, and details a wide range of funding approaches to solving the problem.

Greenbook, Volume 5: Arts as a Driver for Social Change in Israel was written with generous support from Angelica Berrie, Russell Berrie Foundation; Wendy Fisher, Kirsh Family Foundation; Irith Rappaport, Bruce and Ruth Rappaport Foundation; Rivka Saker, Zucker Foundation; and Lynn Schusterman, Charles and Lynn Schusterman Family Foundation. The guide was researched and written by Diti Ronen.