Global Day On Air Videos Available

Global Day logoOn the The Global Day of Jewish Learning 2016, over 500 communities held local events on the theme #UnderTheSameSky. At the same time, Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz led Global Day ON AIR, an all-day video series led featuring a roster of renowned speakers who explored our relationship to nature via Jewish texts. We learned the prayer to “grant wisdom to the rooster” and that “Eco-Judaism” is a redundant phrase and more.

“The choice of ecology as a subject was both for its importance as an international issue, and also for us as Jews, since we have become a mostly urban people – many see vegetables as the only plants, on a plate” said Rabbi Steinsaltz.

For those who couldn’t tune in live, here is Rabbi Steinsaltz’s talk “Harmony Is Made With All Kinds of Noise” and a playlist of all the Global Day ON AIR videos, including leaders from Hazon, OLAM, Jewish Initiative for Animals and more.