Giving 2008

The New York Times has published its’ annual philanthropy supplement highlighting the effects of the financial crisis on philanthropy, along with other articles about charity and giving. Here’s a small selection; you can also find the complete Giving section here.

Bracing for lean times ahead

SO what’s the fallout for philanthropy?

Given the financial tremors that have obliterated wealth and driven the economy deep into the doldrums, will charitable giving, which reached record levels in the United States over the past decade, show sharp declines? Will foundations, faced with shrunken endowments, scale back their grant-making? Will individual charities, squeezed by reductions in both private and public money, be forced to cut programs?

Helping America Keep Its Innovative Edge

With the American economy in a wrenching downturn, the innovation imperative seems more pressing than ever. Is there a role for foundations in advancing an innovation agenda? And, if so, what?

As the Economy Declines, Donors Rethink Estate Plans

FOR donors, a crucial question has always been how much to give to charity while alive and what to leave in an estate plan. The current economic crisis is causing many people to rethink their original answer.

As Women’s Incomes Rise, So Do Their Donations

WOMEN, propelled by increased earning power and more financial independence, are becoming a recognized force in charitable giving. They give from every level — be it small donor circles of like-minded friends or multimillion-dollar foundations.

And they give in a different way from men. They are more collaborative with each other and more supportive toward the needy…