Genesis Philanthropy Group announces ‘Big Push’ to Fund the Growth of Pivotal UK Jewish Community Organizations

Genesis Philanthropy Group (GPG) has announced the second round of UK grants this year. Building on early success of its partnership with Moishe House and PJ Library to help them dramatically increase successful global models of engagement in the UK, GPG’s strategy now is also focused on driving growth by funding key organizations that already serve as pillars of Jewish community life. In addition to providing strategic funding, GPG is also providing its global expertise to support its partners in their efforts to leverage their operational models to widen and deepen their impact, especially with younger populations.

According to Ilia Salita, President and CEO of GPG: “Our vision at GPG is to contribute to the continued growth of Jewish life in the UK by focusing on hard-to-reach and under-engaged populations. With that in mind we are supporting four organizations of crucial importance to the UK Jewish community as they strive to widen their reach and deepen their impact. We are certain that this series of grants will add to the robust fabric of Jewish life in the UK by helping our partners to have a sustainable impact for years to come.”

The organizations receiving major funding are:

  • Jewish Lads’ & Girls’ Brigade: JLGB’s will strengthen its ‘eVOLve youth volunteering and skills initiative,’ complementing its pioneering online platform with additional digital functionality and local community training and support for charities, schools and synagogues to better engage young Jewish volunteers.
  • Partnership for Jewish Schools (PAJES): Recognizing the need for a deeper understanding of Israel and Diaspora communities amongst young people, PAJES will develop a comprehensive Jewish History and Israel Education curriculum for children in years 8 and 9.
  • World Jewish Relief: World Jewish Relief will work to strengthen and widen its appeal across the full gamut of younger members of the UK Jewish community. They will pilot new fundraising models to inspire philanthropy and community-building.
  • JW3 London’s Jewish Community Centre: Through a customized and wide-ranging program of events and projects, JW3 will encourage the participation of Israelis as well as Russian-Speaking and French Jews in Jewish communal activities, alongside growing its Holocaust education and commemoration work with young adults.

Underpinning the announced grants is GPG’s commitment to Jewish inclusion, pluralism and diversity. GPG’s support is designed to leverage the existing strengths of community organizations to engage those who are otherwise unlikely to participate in organized Jewish life. Recipient organizations will deliver projects accessible to people from across the religious spectrum, focusing on increasing engagement with Jewish identity, tradition and culture. New programs will enable children, young people and adults to connect with their Jewish background as well as the richness of different Diaspora communities in a plethora of ways.