Fundraisers Often Feel Pushed Around by Donors, Say Researchers

According to The Chronicle of Philanthropy, “[t]hree out of four fundraisers say they have faced undue pressure from donors, often in the form of sexual harassment but also through arm-twisting to advance a donor’s personal agenda and career advancement or those of their friends and relatives, according to a study whose preliminary findings [were released yesterday] at the annual meeting of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Fundraisers participating in a survey by the University of Plymouth have shared examples of donors attempting to use their gifts to secure medical-school admission for a child, install new leaders at an organization, and control which caterer would be hired for a gala, according to preliminary findings from the survey.

What’s more, two out of three fundraisers told the researchers they had seen at least one instance of a donor attempting to pressure an organization into using a gift for a purpose that strayed from the charity’s mission.”

The survey is still in process.