Fortune 500 Multinationals Recruit American Interns in Israel

American companies are now taking notice of the thousands of young adults working as interns in Israel. As a result, senior leaders from global companies, including Ernst & Young, Citigroup, Deloitte and Wells Fargo are currently here to visit Israeli businesses and meet with these individuals. In the continuing economic recession, 7,200 college graduates are participating in professional internships in Israel, an increase of almost 50% since 2007.

The trip was arranged by MASA Israel Journey who collaborated with New York University’s Career Center and Rochester Institute of Technology’s Office of Career Services to develop the Employer Thought Leadership Summit in Israel. The Summit enables international business leaders to visit Israeli companies with American interns, share best practices for international internships, and discuss Israeli/North American business relations with Israeli government officials.

For many participants, the internship experience in Israel has resulted in job offers back in the US from investment banks, business consulting firms, architecture firms, etc.

“Israel’s robust and diverse economy is a great place for college graduates to gain initial work experience,” said Avi Rubel, MASA Israel’s North American Director. “In addition, the ‘Start-Up’ culture, which is pervasive in Israel teaches our interns about innovation – one of the most important skills for any young employee.”

This year, MASA Israel, which offers 180 five-to-12-month career development, volunteering and academic opportunities, has almost 10,000 participants. Interns are unpaid, work 15-20 hours a week, receive mentorship, learn Hebrew, and tour Israel.

MASA Israel journey is a project of the Government of Israel and Jewish communities around the world, represented by the Jewish Agency for Israel