First Group of Semester Program Students Begin Year at AMHSI in Negev

With the beginning of the New Year, the Alexander Muss High School in Israel (AMHSI) is welcoming its first group of students for an 18-week program at the school’s new campus located at the Eshel Hanassi Youth Village in the Negev, just outside of Beersheba.

This launches AMHSI’s new concept of a full semester program for high school students, incorporating the AMHSI Core Jewish History program with a newly extended curriculum: a full semester of General Studies to enable students to keep up with home school studies; Hebrew language and cultural immersion program; integrated activities with Israeli students; agricultural and farm work; extended hiking in the Galilee and the Negev; an I.D.F pre-military Gadna Program, and travel to Poland for a voyage of discovery into the grandeur of pre-war Jewish Europe and the tragedy of the Holocaust.

After a year of preparation and brief successful visits of groups to the Negev campus, this is the first time that the new campus will be the sole home to an AMHSI group for the entire duration of their stay in Israel.

About: The Alexander Muss High School in Israel is the only non-denominational, English speaking study-abroad program in Israel for high school students. AMHSI offers 6-week, 8-week, and now full semester programs throughout the year. Students participating in these programs may be eligible to receive 6 transferable college credits from the University of Miami.

Along with several new developments for the school celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, (see article on new joint initiative with March of the Living: “Partnering for Teen Israel Programs”) the AMHSI Ambassador program was launched earlier this year as part of a unique international marketing drive to recruit new students.

2012 AMSHI enrollemnt is record-breaking, with a growing interest from international markets. This year will be the 4th and largest year for applicants from Australia. AMHSI, which has over 21,000 alumni, has received interest recently from European and Latin American countries in search of Israel study abroad programs.