Facebook’s Strong Senior Growth

from Online Media Daily:

Facebook Starts 2010 With Strong U.S. Growth

Facebook maintained steady growth into the new year, adding 5 million U.S. users in January for a total of 108 million.

Young men and women led the way among demographic segments. The single biggest gain was among men ages 26 to 34, with more than 600,000 joining in January, according to new data from Inside Facebook. Right behind that group were women 18 to 25, at 581,000.

But older users remain among the fastest-growing populations on Facebook. Men 45 to 54 showed the highest growth rate last month – with 472,000 joining, or 10.5%, followed closely by women 55 to 65, at 9.4% (391,000). That compares to growth rates, respectively, for the two groups of 0.8% and 1.6%.