Facebook: The World’s Most Popular Website

In 2010, Facebook was the top-visited Website and accounted for 8.93 percent of all U.S. visits during the first eleven months of the year. Google.com ranked second with 7.19 percent of visits, followed by Yahoo! Mail (3.52 percent), Yahoo! (3.30 percent) and YouTube (2.65 percent).

Here, with what this means to your nonprofit organization, is Katya Andresen:

This news shows we are increasingly receiving content not only via algorithms but via our own friends and family members. The web is increasingly people-centered. This means you should spend some time thinking long and hard about your own community. Are you listening to all those influential conversations that exist beyond your official web presence and press releases? Are you participating in them? Are you stuck in an old-school broadcast mentality or are you enabling your supporters to share and create content about you wherever they are online? Your best messenger is not yourself, and your best content may not be your own. How can you move from a model of preaching to participation? That’s where things already are – so it’s where we need to head fast.