Extraordinary Passages: Jewish learning will travel the world on November 11. Where will texts take you?

Announcing the Schedule and Speakers for the Global Day ON AIR 2018Webcast series exploring the theme: “Extraordinary Passages: Texts and Travels 

Global Day ON AIR is a LIVE online video series available FREE to everyone, everywhere. Global Day ON AIR takes place on Sunday, November 11.

October 29, 2018, Somewhere in Low Earth Orbit: They say it’s not the destination, but the journey that matters. Would Jewish texts agree? Judaism was born “on the road,” a portable peoplehood for generations of wanderers. On November 11th, the Global Day of Jewish Learning will trace the on-foot journeys of ancient times through the global connections of the space age. No matter the time, place or vehicle, Jewish texts – and Jews from all walks of life – have something to say about getting a move on.

Therefore, the Global Day, spearheaded by Rabbi Adin Even-Israel Steinsaltz, has made this year’s learning theme “Extraordinary Passages: Texts and Travels,” exploring that theme in an online webcast series that will (pun intended) transport you. Travel by rocket, by bicycle, in the belly of a fish, and in the company of fascinating educators with the Global Day ON AIR.

With video sessions including “From Auschwitz by Bicycle” (Rabbi Avi Baumol and Jonathan Ornstein, from JCC Krakow), “Torah in Orbit” (former NASA astronaut Dr. Jeff Hoffman, with documentary filmmaker Rachel Raz) and “Jonah and Transformation” (Rabbi Meni Even-Israel), you’ll travel the world – and beyond! – through Jewish texts. Viewers can tune in LIVE, and ask questions like:

  • What does it mean to be a Jew in the Space Age?
  • How can I trace my family’s history?
  • How can we rebuild vibrant communities after the Holocaust?
  • How are our physical journeys connected to our spiritual journeys?

Rabbi Steinsaltz, himself a renowned explorer of Jewish texts, writes, “The decision to make time and move one step forward is not the solution to all problems; it is merely to move one step forward and keep moving. Wherever you may be, move just a bit forward.” This November, take the challenge and go one step forward: join the Global Day of Jewish Learning on a journey through unexpected passages of text, and in the world.

Make your community the destination for Jewish learning: bring extraordinary speakers to your community on November 11 with LIVE video sessions broadcast around the world. Host a learning event, a viewing party or a study group to be part of this worldwide day of celebration. Find fresh perspectives on the Jewish journey with these tour-guides through the texts and traditions that shape you, your community, and the Jewish people.



The Global Day of Jewish Learning is a project of the Aleph Society, and furthers Rabbi Steinsaltz’s mission to “Let My People Know.” The Global Day is dedicated to the life and legacy of Ralph I. Goldman z”l. To learn more visit theglobalday.org about or contact Karen Sponder, Project Director: karen@theglobalday.org.