Email, Social Media, Managing Your IT and Other Helpful Tips

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Building and Cultivating Your Email List

Your email list (also known as your email housefile) is one of your organization’s most important assets because it enables you to reach out to your constituents online in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective way.

4 Ways Social Media is Changing the Non-Profit World

Organizations are flocking to the social web, although most in the last two years. Non-profit organizations that have embraced social media with a “listen, fail informatively, and evolve approach” are seeing results.

Free Social Media Tracking and Analytics

By now, even your grandmother knows social media is hot, but the big question remains: What’s the ROI on all your social networking? How do you know if your outreach strategy is working?

Five Things You Should Never Say to an Online Donor

For all the warm fuzzies and smart messages you’re sending, consider these five things that you should never say to your online donors.

7 Ways To Drive Traffic To Your Web Site

Your nonprofit needs to reach out to new supporters, get them excited about your mission, communicate how you’re serving people through your services and programs, and then motivate them to take action or make a donation.

Nonprofit IT Staffing: It Ain’t Enough

The nonprofit sector works hard to use technology effectively, but it’s an uphill battle. Financial resources are limited. Technology changes quickly, and there’s a lot of it out there doing lots of different things – even within the same areas.

Facebook Pages Best Practices

With the launch of the new Pages in March 2009 most of the old best practices no longer apply.

Open Source Donor Management Systems: Know Your Options

A look at four open source systems