Driving Donors to Your Online Video

images1Did you slap your organization’s latest video up on YouTube – just waiting for the buzz to begin?

This isn’t “The Field of Dreams.” Just because you made a video, doesn’t mean people will watch it. You need an outreach plan, according to Michael Hoffman, CEO of Chicago-based See3 Communications.

Hoffman explained how to focus on outreach planning for your video during the NTEN’s 2009 Nonprofit Technology Conference in San Francisco so your viewing audience finally expands past employees during work hours.

Here’s how to begin:

  • Set your goals. What does the organization want to achieve with this online video outreach? Is it to fundraise, or block impending legislation? That will influence what audience you reach.
  • Map your targets. Once you determine what audience you want, figure out where that audience “lives” online. Is your audience blogging? Is it on social networks? Do potential donors read your newsletter?
  • Craft your strategy. This is where you mesh achieving your goals with what you know about your audience. Reach out to your audience where they already are, such as setting up a social networking page. Try to talk to bloggers that already talk to your target audience. If your audience usually visits third-party sites for information, think about investing in a targeted micro-site campaign.

courtesy The NonProfit Times