Don’t Underestimate the Staff Factor

Do you want to give your nonprofit a presence on Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter, or some social network combination?

Use a nerdy young intern? Absolutely not, according to nonprofit marketing consultant Michael Puican in this article from the Philanthropy Journal.

Here’s what Michael says you need, human resource-wise, if you’re serious …

  • Two hours a day (10 hours a week): Post bulletins on your organization’s sites, visit other sites and respond to postings on other sites.
  • Four hours a day (a half-time staff person): Establish a regular blog, become an active voice on the internet about the key issues involving your mission.
  • Eight hours a day (a full-time staff person): Now you are social networking. Create thoughtful dialogues about key issues, develop opportunities for volunteers to interact and become involved, lead e-advocacy campaigns, regularly interact with bloggers, thought leaders, media and key organizations.

And those hours need to be devoted by someone who really knows your organization, its mission, voice and culture.

Michael’s numbers are pretty realistic; I know the time we spend on eJewish Philanthropy. Though if you have a medium to high profile organization (even a small one) I think his ten hour a week job is closer to fifteen.