Deadline Approaching: Jewish Montessori Certification Course

Photo courtesy Lamplighters Yeshivah

Jewish communities the world over are embracing more progressive, child-centered models in education. And with that, there’s been a dramatic uptick in Jewish Montessori, or Montessori-inspired, schools. Montessori is a methodology with over 100 years of success in cultivating students’ motivation, independence, love of learning, and ability to thrive in choice-driven environments: elements that allow Jewish educators to actualize the adage “chanoch l’na’ar al pidarko,” “educate a child according to his way.” Unfortunately, even with the upsurge of Jewish Montessori schools, few teacher training options exist, and trained, qualified Jewish Montessori teachers are in high-demand.

For the first time in Jewish Montessori history, we are making that happen – an in-depth, fully integrated, accredited Jewish Montessori certification course. Lamplighters Yeshivah in Brooklyn, NY, is partnering with the Center for Guided Montessori Studies to develop a 19 month course that includes both a residential component and a long distance online component – and that is fully MACTE certified.

What makes this Montessori trainingJewish?

A Jewish Montessori classroom is not simply a Montessori classroom with a few Jewish shelves or centers. A Jewish Montessori classroom is integrated in all areas in that Jewish values, the Jewish year and curriculum permeate every aspect and area of the classroom, from language to math and practical life! In this training, attendees will learn how to make that happen. We at Lamplighters Yeshivah understand that this is integral for Jewish Montessori educators, and we are committed to making sure that this training reflects that.

  1. The residential component will be hosted and co-led by Lamplighters Yeshivah. Cohort members and trainers will spend two weeks this summer exploring and understanding, in a hands-on way, what an integrated Jewish Montessori program looks like. Each day will be a combination of class simulation, group reflections, expert lectures, discussions and demonstrations on specific topics such as “Approaching Practical Life Planning around the Jewish Year,” “How to Apply Behavior Analysis,” “Hebrew Language and Kriah using Montessori Methodology,” “Montessori Math.” Lectures will be given by both Lamplighters Yeshivah and CGMS expert educators.
  2. The long distance online component – Jewish Montessori experts will be holding your hand along the entire journey. All of the content in the online component will always be brought back to the Jewish integration and application in YOUR Jewish Montessori classroom, thanks to the Lamplighters instructors who will be working together with CGMS to make sure that this training is relevant to our group.
  3. The Cohort – Even as you embark on the online long distance component of the training, you will be learning in a living, breathing, always collaborative cohort of fellow educators. You’ll learn something one day, be able to apply what you learnt in your Jewish Montessori classroom the very next day, and be able to report back, collaborate and modify what you applied together with your group. It’s a dynamic network of fellow educators implementing the learning materials and sharing what works. A network that will be there with you throughout the entire training – and beyond.

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May 15th – Application deadline
June 12th – Orientation + First module of the course
July 24th – Residential session at Lamplighters begins (we will be having classes on the following two Sundays)
August 9th – Last day of residential session

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