Converging Technologies

Check out the special report on technology in July’s Fundraising Success Magazine; you will find stories which examine some of the new and exciting channels — from mobile to MySpace that are available to innovative fundraisers.

When FundRaising Success first came into existence in 2003, the Internet (as a fundraising tool) hung plump and juicy, like a peach at the top of a tree, not quite ripe — and just out of reach…

But at the core of your fundraising, as always, is the trunk of the tree. Stalwart and supporting all your efforts, it’s made up of the less glitzy strategies that have been the backbone of fundraising for decades: direct mail, telefundraising, etc., plus solid campaigns for major gifts and planned giving. And then there are the roots — good communications, flawless accountability, faithful stewardship and old-fashioned relationship building — that ground the whole thing.

To read story sections within this special report, click on the titles below.

Opening Up