Coming Soon: The Global Day of Jewish Learning

We’re just five days away from The Global Day of Jewish Learning – a day where Jews around the world will come together in their communities, homes, and online to celebrate our shared heritage. A day where Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz will complete his 45-volume translation and commentary of the Talmud.

As part of the preparation, the organizers have been asking Big Questions. This one from Clive Lawton, one of the founders of Limmud.

What are the boundaries of what constitutes ‘Jewish learning’?

Limmud has proved hugely successful and attractive around the world and it claims to do only one thing – encourage people to engage more in Jewish learning. But what’s in and what’s out? Is it different in the diaspora and Israel? Should it be different in different sections of the Jewish community? Are only some people ‘qualified’ to deliver it? How much time should ordinary employed adults devote to it to do it justice? And what would be considered a desirable outcome from such learning?

You can add your response to Clive’s question here, check out events in your community here, and see a video on The Global Day in the right sidebar of any page on our website.