Chol HaMoed in Review

We hope you all had a relaxing and enjoyable Pesach.

Judging from both our Web traffic counts, and “out-of-office” automated replies, we know many of you took some time off last week. Here, hopefully in easy to read form, is a summary of the various posts added during Chol HaMoed. As you will notice, not much happened in our Jewish world, but a couple of significant studies were released in the broader American philanthropic community you might want to check out.

In Our Global Jewish World:

A New Capacity Building Grant for Birthright Israel

The Birthright Israel Foundation will be the recipient of the largest grant ever provided by the Jim Joseph Foundation. The $17.5 million gift, to be distributed over the next five years, will provide $5 million in trip support, and an additional $12.5 million as a matching grant for building community initiatives among young adults after the trip.

Major Israeli Philanthropist Speaks Out

Oudi Recanati speaks to the Jerusalem Post about a change in mentality among Israeli philanthropists. He believes, Israeli philanthropists should take the lead in Jewish philanthropy in order to inspire overseas Jews to do the same. “If Jews don’t give to their own, no one else will.”

The New Jewish Media

PresenTense and New Voices publish new editions.

Rebranding the Weizmann

A new image and marketing campaign, timed for Israel’s 60th, for the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute.

Just for Fun:

The Balloon Project

High above Tel Aviv…