Checking In: Israel Arts Management

752413It’s been almost a year since we introduced some of the members of the 2nd cohort of fellows at Jerusalem’s PresenTense Institute. One of those was Tanya Strusberg. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Tanya worked professionally in Australia and also participated in the WUJS Arad arts program prior to making Aliyah.

Last Spring, prior to the summer Institute, PresenTense defined her project this way:

“A cross-platform arts marketing and PR firm based in Israel with the aim of promoting the creme de la crème of Israeli artistic talent internationally. Tanya’s organization will represent artists from a range of disciplines (theatre companies, musicians, dance companies, visual artists and craftspeople etc) and put her years of marketing and PR experience to good use.”

Turn the clock ahead and we’ve witnessed the birth of Israel Arts Management, an arts management and marketing consultancy. Tanya’s initial goal is still in place – working with artists to assist them in raising their international profile – creating a creative link between Israel and the Diaspora and helping to strengthen the relationship between the two.

Despite being at an early stage of development, Tanya is already working with six leading Israeli performing arts organizations encompassing the worlds of dance, music and theatre.

If you’re looking for some new, exciting and distinctive talent for your next festival or cultural program, check them out. You’re also helping to raise the profile of Israel’s world-class cultural talent.

image: MEMA Dance Theatre (represented by Israel Arts Management)