Changes for Jewish Milestones Programs

The Jewish Milestones Education and Referral Service is being re-launched after a year on “standby.” The service will resume in collaboration with Kevah, a start-up with a complementary mission, under the direction and leadership of Jewish educator and social entrepreneur Sara Heitler Bamberger.

The Jewish Community Center of San Francisco will become the new home of the Jewish Milestones Ritual Resource Lending Library. The collection contains materials – both informational and inspirational – on contemporary Jewish lifecycle rituals, as well as Jewish ritual objects (including a Torah scroll and portable ark) that are loaned to individuals for ceremonial and educational purposes. The one thing that the collection has been missing is foot traffic and, with 30,000 people walking through the JCCSF’s doors every week, they expect the library will prosper. In addition, the project formerly known as the “Chemo Siddur” will be brought under the auspices of the JCCSF where its continued development, under Rachel Brodie’s guidance, is assured.

Rachel Brodie, the Co-founder and Executive Director of Jewish Milestones, assumes the newly-created position of CJO (Chief Jewish Officer) at the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco.