Birthright Israel Participants Experience the Start-Up Nation

Following a successful pilot program last year, this month Taglit-Birthright Israel launched its first special “Start-Up Nation” niche-trip. Named for the popular book, Start-Up Nation: The story of Israel’s economic miracle, the program included a presentation by Saul Singer, one of the book’s authors, visits to various Israeli hi-tech start-ups in Herzliya and Tel Aviv, meetings with Israeli venture capitalists and a trip to IDC Herzliya to sit with students and lecturers in the university’s specialized entrepreneurship program.

During the 10 days, the participants were divided into smaller groups and given the task of brainstorming their own start-up ideas and presenting them to venture capitalists. The participants are all either business, entrepreneurial or high tech students, or are working in their own developing business.

One of the trip participants, Daniel Adler, is an avid blogger and writes copy for an SEO agency. Here, he writes of his experiences with the “Start-Up Nation” group.