Big Tent Judaism Launches Tough Questions Mothers Circle Moms are Asking.

By Rena Segall

How do I navigate the complexities of raising Jewish children when I grew up with a different religion? Where can I find other moms who are like me?

For over 10 years, Big Tent Judaism (formerly Jewish Outreach Institute) has supported women of other religious backgrounds by helping them to answer these questions and so many more. Through The Mothers Circle programs, Big Tent Judaism has supported over 3000 women from 200 communities across North America, empowering them to raise Jewish children, connect with each other, and participate in the Jewish community.

Not all moms live in communities that host an in-person Mothers Circle course, informal gathering, or holiday prep class, which is why we host The Mothers Circle National listserve, a safe space for mothers of other religious backgrounds raising Jewish children in both populated and remote corners of the continent to ask questions and share advice and experiences. For those moms without an in-person network for raising Jewish children, the listserve is an invaluable resource for them to seek advice about navigating the December holiday season or points of tension with their parents.

We are thrilled to announce the launch of a new Mothers Circle project: Tough Questions Mothers Circle Moms are Asking. We collected challenging questions and scenarios raised by Mothers Circle listserve participants, and solicited answers from experienced Mothers Circle facilitators and other educators, which we are posting weekly to Facebook and our blog.

This initiative offers new and deeper access for moms seeking guidance, especially for those who lack access to an in-person course. These questions and answers also offer thoughtful insight to support organizations and congregations in communicating with intermarried families in their midst.

To receive the full list of questions and answers, and brainstorm ways you can use the materials in your community, contact Big Tent Judaism Program Associate Rena Segall at or (212) 760-1440.