Baltimore’s Yeshivat Rambam to Close

The following statement was released by Yeshivat Rambam last night:

The Executive Board of Yeshivat Rambam led by recently elected board president Meyer Shields announced today at separate meetings attended by Rambam faculty and parents that the school would be closing at the end of the current academic year.

Rambam will continue to operate normally in the days ahead; the aim to successfully complete the current school year and to effect a constructive transition for students, faculty and parents.

Rambam’s executive board is appreciative of the assistance and support of community rabbonim, institutions and private individuals who are playing vital roles in easing the stresses and burdens of this difficult situation.

The board has retained a leading community based adolescent-family-community relations counselor who will assist students, faculty and parents as they work together to cope with the news of the closing.

Yeshivat Rambam was founded two decades ago to provide education for a new generation of Baltimore’s Jewish youth. The school quickly established its position among Jewish educational institutions based on its commitment to “Torah U’maddah” to Medinat Israel and service to the Jewish community at large.

“Given the schools history and accomplishments over two decades, we wanted faculty and parents to hear the news from us directly as soon as the board was in a position to make definitive accurate statements regarding Rambam’s present and future operating status,” said Shields. “Arrangements are being made to share the news with students at an appropriate time with parental approval. Naturally people are disappointed: some overwhelmed by this sad news, yet everyone is being very understanding of the realities of the situation.”