Are You (or Do You Know) a Jewish Hacker or Other Innovator?

logoAre you one of the People of the Code? Do you have a project you’ve been dying to launch? Check out the PresenTense Institute, a six-week summer fellowship running from June 15th until July 26th in Jerusalem. Dedicated to transforming the way the Jewish people think, program and work, PresenTense runs an R&D shop for social pioneers inspired by a fusion of the best of contemporary hi-tech business practices and the vision of Zionist thinkers across the ideological spectrum such as Ahad Haam, AD Gordon and Zeev Jabotinsky.

As such, PresenTense is seeking a wide range of innovators; individuals on the cutting edge of creativity: programmers and designers, informal educators and school vice principals, nonprofit managers and biotech visionaries–anyone with a vision and a portfolio of innovation. Know any of these? Are you one? Join them now! Institute fellows are introduced to the best and the brightest of Israel’s hi-tech, social and political circles–giving birth to a network of Zionist thinkers and doers: Chalutz 2.0.

Special scholarships are available for this summer in: Online Community Organizing, Educational Technology, Israeli Civic Engagement, Education Innovation, Organizational Greening and Israel Education. Sponsored Chairs include: The Covenant Foundation, The Josh and Rena Kopelman Foundation, Sheldon and Anat Wipranik and The Israel Center (list incomplete).

More information is available on the PresenTense Fellowship site. First round applications are due soon (February 15th).