Apparently Not a Rumor

The blog-o-sphere has been carrying reports for several weeks now about the impending budget revision and upcoming staff cuts at the UJC. Apparently it became ‘sort of official’ yesterday.

We’ll stay away from playing the “he said / she said” that will surely continue surrounding this financial crisis and staff upheaval. However, we find one new budget item of the UJC particularly interesting…

according to UJC Chair Joe Kanfer, “the UJC will add a $750,000 e-philanthropy initiative to the budget.”

Maybe, in part, it has to do with this opening, Senior Manager, Ephilanthropy, that the UJC has been trying to fill since before the GA. Among other position responsibilities: to develop, launch and help federations implement strong e-philanthropy initiatives that include data mining, defining target audiences, growing lists and scheduling.

Perhaps they’re on to something……….