After 141 years, HUC-JIR Launches New Logo

huc-newHebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, the academic, spiritual and professional leadership development center of Reform Judaism, is inaugurating a new logo and visual identity system at the start of its 142nd academic year.

The new logo is based on the concept of an “open” six-pointed star, a core symbol of Jewish identity. The “open” design messages HUC-JIR’s institutional values of innovation and inclusivity. The multi-colored elements of the star reflect its commitment to diversity and free inquiry. The geometry of the colored shapes expresses the dynamic energy that permeates its classrooms and engagement with the larger community. Connecting the shapes that make up the logo and extending this pattern in the design of other materials points to the connections that bind HUC-JIR’s programs, campuses, and the Jewish people.

In the weeks and months head, the new branding will be implemented throughout HUC-JIR’s digital and print materials, from its website to recruitment publications, to its electronic newsletters and invitations to social media and campus signage.

HUC-JIR’s original seal and biblical excerpts, chosen by founder Rabbi Isaac Mayer Wise in 1875, will continue to appear on diplomas, certificates, and select official documents. HUC-JIR’s new visual identity addresses the needs of today’s world where communications is driven by digital media.