Police Make More Arrests at Kotel

Three women at the Kotel today with Women of the Wall wear tallitot and sit on the ground, arm in arm; courtesy WoW.

Three women at the Kotel today with Women of the Wall wear tallitot and sit on the ground, arm in arm; courtesy WoW.

It’s very troubling for those of us in the States who see this as our Jewish homeland and yet half of us don’t have access to be who we are at our holiest sites. I wear a tallit every time I pray, but here in the Jewish state, I can’t. It’s ironic that it’s the only place in the world where I can’t.”

from Haaretz (registration required):

Jerusalem police detain 10 women after Western Wall prayers

Ten women who took part in a monthly prayer service at Western Wall on Monday were arrested as they were leaving the plaza of the holy site, and taken in for questioning by police.

Among those arrested were Anat Hoffman, the chairwoman of Women of the Wall; Lesley Sachs, its director; Rabbi Susan Silverman, the sister of comedian Sarah Silverman, along with her teenage daughter Hallel Abramowitz; Lior Nevo, a rabbinical student in the advanced stages of pregnancy; and two rabbis from the United States – Debra Cantor from Connecticut and Robin Fryer Bodzin from New York.

Police waited until most of the hundreds of participants in the service, their supporters, and the media had dispersed to make the arrests.

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  1. reuvain says

    What a bunch of baloney. Anyone can pray at the Kotel, However there has been a mode of prayer from the time of the Temple. And if someone wants to practice in a non halachic fashion an area of the Kotel has been set aside for liberal prayer. Enough of the harsh language “the only place in the world etc”. You want to throw three thousand years of tradition and force all to accept your changes to Jewish observance and tradition.

    Take a little responsibility. Liberals made changes, without a consensus of support from millions of other Jews who remain loyal to classical Jewish tradition. Not everyone agrees with these unilateral changes. So a compromise has been reached, an area of the Kotel has been set aside for non traditional prayer, No one is bothering liberal Jews there.

    Its not about freedom, or religious rights, its about theology and practice. You can force everyone to agree with your changes. Take the compromise of Robinsons Arch, We have bigger problems facing the Jewish people.

  2. says

    Wherever each of us may be on the spectrum, we should be cognizant of our people’s history. The exemption of women from time-bound mitzvot, including prayer within a minyan, tallit, and t’fillin, is exactly that, an execption and not a ban. Michal bat Shaul wore t’fillin. There are historical accounts of women’s in synagogues. In the middle ages in Worms, Germany a separate women’s synagogue was maintained, the t’fillot led by women for women. Women of the Wall are not seeking liberal prayer at the Kotel. They want to hold a traditional separate women’s minyan in the women’s section.

  3. reuvain says

    The intention here is clear as stated time and again by Anat Hoffman, to change the arrangement at the Kotel to force a change in tradition by mobilizing the media and create a tumult. Its not the issue of wearing a Tallit, The Reform and Conservative are using this issue as wedge to drive their agenda in Israel.