Bernie Madoff: The Musical

Magevet, Yale University’s Jewish, Hebrew and Israeli acappella singing group, presents Bernie Madoff: The Musical.

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  1. GBeale says

    This is NOT funny…it is a shame (Shunda)……what Bernie Madoff did was like Hitler just a different form that has hit the entire population in ways that so many are not even aware of. Shame Shame on the SEC….and they almost chose him to run it….wake up people all of our institutions have become greedy and not very smart.

  2. MusicMom says

    How ironic that so many are saying Jewish students should not do this — who else could? If this was a right wing group, it would be anti-semitic by the fact of the origin. But just like The Producers was complete satire, so is this. The Capitol Steps do it every day — they should buy these lyrics if they haven’t written a song like it already (a natural parody — since he is a rich man). Students — well done — and parody gets it legs from being in poor taste to some I’m afraid. Bernie Madoff was an inside hero bringing greath welath to his clients — now he’s an inside joke.

  3. Gillian says

    I love referring to Bernie Madoff as Bernie Made Off. Pun!
    It was very fitting to using “Fiddler On the Roof”, Bernie being Fagan character and singing his lines!

  4. Lew L. says

    You know, I believe myself to have a pretty good sense of humor. I laugh at most things. Nothing really bothers me except human misery. Can you imagine the angst and heartache the people that lost everything are going through. Probably staying awake at night tormenting themselves. You need to ask: If they saw this (and I’m sure some have) what would their reaction be? I found this to be as funny as someone making fun of say a deaf or blind person. Just one (Jewish) man’s reaction. Burn in HELL BERNIE MADOFF!

  5. charlotte silverman says

    Madoff? Huge scandal! Then I thought of the execs at Enron and how they screwed the whole state of California! Did anyone ask their religions? No excuses for Madoff. He’s a disgrace and deserves the scorn he’s getting. As for the young Yalies be sure you don’t give the next generation fodder for similar skits when you start your own careers!

  6. c. heller says

    In the tradition of the Yidish skits in the Catskill mts,and all the Yidish theater. Some is funny and some is to close to home. Thanks kids for trying. Maybe you hit the nail, maybe not, but YOU TRIED.

  7. says

    After a long day of work I sat down to watch and enjoyed immensely. I applauded when it was over with the audience. We have always been able to laugh at ourselves – thats why we love Larry David – he is the worst of us – but when he’s bad he does get punished. So Bernie was despicably bad and there are not enough years left to punish him. Life is too short – enjoy!!!

  8. Iris Gardener says

    This was great. It is true, Jews have laughed at ourselves for years, it is how we got through difficult times. I used to enjoy the Catskills for the comedy and that’s what this is, so laugh. The kids were wonderful.

  9. Stuart says

    Not too funny given the context.
    I wonder if Yale will next put on Major Hassan (FT Hood), the musical.

  10. says

    Come on folks, lighten up. Yes, Madoff is a modern day criminal, piece of @#$%, etc. But give these creative folks a break. There is nothing good that has come from the Madoff scheme, but are we really going to be that harsh on a group of Yale University students just trying to have a little fun, at nobodies expense, and doing a pretty good job at it? And Stuart, what an idiot remark…enough said about your analogy. If you can’t take a little humor in your life, it must be time to take a good look in the mirror. Good Job my Jewish brothers and sisters!

  11. MusicMom says

    I saw again — Madoff was offering something that was too good to be true — and we kept him as our secret. Now he is our traitor. These kids are laughing at what we all need to laugh at — greed that went wrong. Bernie was greedy, and if we had looked at the results of his investments and kept our money with him, we were greedy too. Laugh. This is not anti-semitic — it’s anti greedy behavior. And I agree — Stuart — you should be ashamed. That is NOT a thing worthy of commenting on. These students are not associated with violence of any kind.

  12. Evonne says

    Bernie Madoff is a shanda for the goyim. But this production is funny and very clever. And I think the guy playing Madoff looks and sounds a bit like a young Elliot Gould. Good work, Magavet!

  13. shelly says

    Bernie Madoff is A “shanda” PERIOD!!!!!!!
    Yes, he’s an embarrassment to his people, and yes, this is a sensitive topic, but………….
    these kids did a good job and, as many have said, it doesn’t hurt to laugh !

  14. mmiller says

    Magavet…..we have a PR problem as it is with this Shanda.
    I think a serious statement before this or after this clever performance is in order by
    Magevet….there are too many people who are in pain and then we have the ones
    that are experiencing the “shodenfreuder” over this appalling piece of history.

  15. Ray says

    Me lacht mit cremines!!! Translation: “We laugh with rocks in our belly”
    Did you ever laugh while passing a stone down a ureter or a stone in your bile duct? The pain is excruciating, but when something funny happens you still laugh even if there are tears in your eyes!!!

  16. says

    Just got the link to this from a friend. Very cute, nice play on the Fiddler song. I figured some of the comments would be negative, alas, you can’t please all the people all the time.
    Most of my family on my mother’s side died in the Holocaust, yet here in America, even my grandmother loved watching Hogan’s Heroes and things parodying the Nazis in comedy (esp when played by Jews). In fact, she would exclaim, “Only a Jew could pull this off so well!”
    No, Madoff doesn’t scratch the surface of a Hitler… please. How far does one need to reach to make that comparison? Lighten up. No one forced anyone to commit suicide over the incident. After all, doesn’t greed speak when one seeks such impossible returns on their investments? When do we begin taking responsibilty on both sides of an issue?
    My apologies for expounding on my opinions. Therefore, I say “well done” to this little theatrical number… it was funny and shames the culprit at the same time. G-d Bless and carry on!