What’s Your #ServiceStrength?

In a world where mattresses are customized to people’s bodies, coffee drinks reflect elaborate personal tastes, and nearly any product can be ordered and delivered with a click of a button, meaningful volunteer work now can be catered to participants in the same way. That’s the mentality behind Repair the World’s new, fun online quiz, “What’s Your #ServiceStrength?,” designed to connect users to service experiences aligned with their passions, interests, and amount of time they want to serve.

Repair then “matches you with a nonprofit that is ready for you to volunteer and can guide you towards creating meaningful change. For every person there’s passion, a way to get involved, and a way to make a mark. Let’s find yours today.”

Repair the World is using the quiz as a catalyst to excite young adults about volunteering this MLK Day, as Repair continues to change it from a day off to a day on for service – and a “tone-setter” for more ongoing service throughout the year.