Tu B’Shvat, Jewish Education and a new Publication

“Etz Chayim Hi LaMachazikim Ba.”
It is a tree of life to those that grasp hold of and strengthen it.

Over the past several years, it has been apparent to us at eJP that a significant number of our readers were deeply invested in the field of Jewish education. Many felt a void existed where a broad range of relevant content could be easily accessed. Regularly – from multiple “spaces” across the Jewish education world – contributors reached out to eJP as an independent publishing channel.

Following months of thoughtful discussion with various stakeholders – from funders to academic institutions to educators themselves – and with all agreeing on the need, we – along with our partners in this venture, the Pincus Fund – decided to move forward with a separate publication concentrating exclusively on Jewish educational issues.

jeducation-logo-transparentNow, today, as we celebrate Tu B’Shvat – we formally launch Jeducation World.

As we write on our About page, “Jeducation World sets out to provide a platform for all who relate to Jewish education as a core value and a critical instrument in securing and enriching the future of the Jewish people.”

Jeducation World will consist of original, and curated, content sourced not only from the English-speaking world, but from the vibrant field of Jewish education across the Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Hungarian speaking worlds. And like eJewish Philanthropy, Jeducation World will be a continuous work in progress adjusting to meet the needs of our reader community.

“Etz Hayim Hi LaMachazikim Ba” “It (ie the Torah) is a tree of life to those that grasp hold of and strengthen it.” The root of “Torah” is “Hora’a” “teaching.” As a publication, dedicated to issues in Jewish education, JeducationWorld clearly identifies with the sentiment that Jewish education in general, and the Jewish educator in particular hold a vital key to securing and enriching the future of the Jewish people. We invite you to join us.

Jeducation World is a joint initiative, generously supported by The Pincus Fund for Jewish Education in partnership with eJewish Philanthropy.