The Week That Was: July 31-August 6

A new feature – appearing every Sunday – on the eJewish Philanthropy website: the five most popular posts of the previous week.

Why are Jewish Nonprofits Afraid of the Power of Technology for Fundraising?

by Robert I. Evans and Avrum D. Lapin

Interactive cell phones now beget landlines and the printed newsletter is now being challenged by organizational internet sites with icons that read “Give Now.” Every new day brings advancements in the way organizations ask and people give. Donors are making scores of smaller gifts on cell phones and computer screens. It is the 21st century equivalent of envelopes being passed around High Holy Day services …

Simon Greer to Head Nathan Cummings Foundation

The Nathan Cummings Foundation (NCF) announced today the selection of Simon Greer as its new President and CEO. Greer will succeed Lance Lindblom, who is retiring from NCF after more than a decade at the helm of the family foundation.

Vision and Mission: What Is Important and How Do We Get There?

by Stephen Donshik

Two of the most important words for a non-profit organization are “vision” and “mission”. Sometimes these two concepts are not clear in the minds of volunteer leaders and professionals alike. They are most relevant when speaking about the work of the board of directors and professional staff in guiding the programs of the agency.

Is Peoplehood an Empty Concept

by Dr. Ezra Kopelowitz

In the past few years, tremendous progress is being made towards understanding the concept of Jewish Peoplehood, work that includes research papers and a number of publications. Unfortunately much of the popular discourse on Peoplehood remains uninformed by the benefits of this good work.

Hillel Invades St. Louis

This week, Hillel is bringing more than 1,000 student activists, professionals, partner agency representatives and lay leaders to Washington University in St. Louis for the Hillel Institute, an annual conference that combines student and professional training.