The Viral Shofar

Art Kibbutz NYC, the newly-launched international artist community, hosted the first-ever global Shofar FlashMob. Hundreds of artists and volunteers in 15 cities blew the shofar for two minutes as a call for spiritual renewal. The synchronized event is featured as an electronic Rosh Hashanah greeting card on YouTube.

Art Kibbutz NYC was launched by author and impresario Patricia Eszter Margit, a Budapest native now based in Manhattan. Margit told eJP, “As our mission is to celebrate the 21st century Jewish experience – connecting one community with another, creating a glorious and multifaceted, international cultural tapestry – I cannot think of a more exciting first event than a worldwide Shofar FlashMob. It brought together people who would never meet otherwise. But art allows us to access something deep inside that weaves participants at each location into a global community.”

Lincoln Center, New York City
Zion Square, Jerusalem
Zion Square, Jerusalem
Gomel, Belarus
Tulsa, Oklahoma

In addition to Jerusalem, Shofar FlashMobs in New York, Budapest (Hungary), Tbilisi (Georgia), Kiev (Ukraine), Gomel (Belarus), Chicago (Illinois), Milwakee (Wisconsin), San Francisco (California), Oakland (California), Las Vegas (Nevada), Los Angeles (California), Tulsa (Oklahoma), Wolcott (Vermont), Salem (Massachusetts) and St. Louis (Missouri) comprise the video greeting.

Photo credit for Jerusalem photos: No’a Gorlin, ROI Community
Photo credit for NY, Belarus and Tulsa: Art Kibbutz NYC