The Pew Survey: A Note From eJP’s Editors

just do itCollectively, news pieces, op-eds and the like on the recent Pew survey have generated a significant amount of coverage across the entire Jewish media space. At eJP, we’ve covered the results, readers’ interpretations of them, and how a few individuals/organizations are framing the stats relative to their own mission.

As Rabbi Paul Kipness points out in a separately published article, we believe it is now time to move the discussion away from “where we are” to “what we can do”.

While we are always receptive to contributions from our reader community, going forward we will be limiting Pew related submissions to those that address the “what we can do” side.

Let’s encourage serious discussion and propose new strategies.

eJP‘s community includes many of the best thought leaders and thinkers in the Jewish world. Let’s put our collective heads together. As communal professionals (and other interested parties) our #1 priority should be the strengthening of the community.

It’s time to stop talking.

Let’s “just do it!”

Shabbat Shalom from Jerusalem.